Work at home syndrome also known as WAH Syndrome is actually something that can happen to those of us who work at home. Most of you have probably experienced it before and don't even know it.

What is Work at Home Syndrome?

So what exactly is WAH syndrome you ask? Well it's basically where your're stuck and can't seem to make yourself work. It's more than writers block per say. It's more like you could have the ideas, just can't seem to make yourself accomplish them they way you should. That's because you're tired of doing the same thing over and over. Work at home jobs can get very routine after a while. That means it's time for you to make a change before WAH syndrome ruins your income completely.

Change your Routine

The first thing and most important thing to do when you have WAH syndrome is to change your routine. You don't have to drop all your current clients or jobs. Just throw some changes in there. Find something that you love doing that requires a short amount of time and throw it in the middle of your work. You could even use it as a reward system. If that is not good enough then change up your entire day. Start your day off opposite then what you would normally do. Mix the day up completely and see if that helps.

Eliminate the Worst

Get rid of the clients who bother you the most. If you dread working for one company, then it may be time to eliminate them from your schedule all together. If they bring in a lot of money for you, then you may want to apply at a couple new places before you completely eliminate them. This way it doesn't mess with your money to much. If they don't bring in a lot of money for you, then just get rid of that company. Either find a replacement afterwards or use that allotted time to do something you enjoy.

Nothing has worked

If nothing above has helped you get out of your funk, then it may be time to think about your jobs. Try and switch the field you are currently in. Pick something that is new and exciting to you. You want to find something that is completely opposite from what you're doing now. Slowly start switching your field as you get hired into the new places. This way it doesn't mess up a lot of your money at one time.

Hopefully by following this advice you can eliminate the WAH syndrome. Don't let WAH syndrome take over your life, take your life back.


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