It is never the same to practice yoga just to do it with guidance. A good yoga teacher takes you by the hand with knowledge, especially inspired by this wonderful way of vitality, expansion possibilities, inner growth and discovery of this world of yoga. There are many factors which make a good yoga teacher. Although each is different, there are some features that teachers have in common being the best teachers I have encountered in my life. To them, I thank very much for being light on the road.

A good yoga teacher has experience in his/her own practice of yoga and it is more important than having teaching experience and it is important to be a true yogi. It has been said that the best teacher is the best student. This does not mean that he/she should be very flexible, strong or athletic. More than practicing it, yoga must be lived by you as a good teacher. The best way to do well is to share what you have experienced yourself in your class. This makes a much more honest picture with the ability to establish greater empathy with your students.

Of course, studying the patterns of classes and learning from books enriches and gives structure but the experience as a yoga student and teacher is invaluable to the practices for more enriching, securer, beneficial and fun experiences. In fact, you cannot fully convey what has not been experienced by yourself. Look for someone who lives yoga and share your experience.

You must have a vigorous training as a teacher of yoga. This usually means that you are linked to a school and you have good references and also have a recognized yoga certification. The closest thing to this is the Yoga Alliance, which although not too rigorous, has some international quality standards. A teacher must have at least 200 hours of training recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Of course, this is a Western parameter and there are teachers in many parts of the world that do not have such certificates but have experience with great teachers and they have learned the most authentic tradition. I think of many wonderful teachers from India with yoga certification India. So not all have to be part of an international organization of yoga or have thousands of titles, although a reference is always good. Training includes a philosophical depth and a personal quest, not just a preparation method.

It is normal that when we are interested in training to become a yoga teacher, either because we want to integrate the teachings of tradition to our life in a deeper way, because we want to have a transforming experience, or because we long to teach and we need to get certified, and ultimately ask about the following questions;

  • What are the contents of a standard training program for yoga teachers?
  • What is studied in these yoga formations?
  • How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?

There are many more questions and it is a little difficult to give an answer that is generalizable, since each yoga curriculum has its variations that correspond to the specific approach to each school or tradition.Despite this, yoga has a single root and if it is an authentic expression of discipline, it must contain the theoretical, philosophical and scientific foundations of yoga as a system and as a way of life.

Although it has evolved, yoga is a tradition.What changes from one to another regarding the program are taught techniques and a particular focus, for each stream or tradition has its specific methods.But, usually, different curricula are essential elements including asanas (postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), theory and philosophy of yoga, anatomy and teaching.So, beyond the particular style, we can make a general outline of the most common content of these training programs for yoga teachers and are the minimum requirements to ensure full training.

Yogis must have a consistent and consolidated physical and mental practice to progress spiritually and attain higher levels of consciousness, and thus have the purity to teach yoga in a better way.We must also integrate into our lives what we teach.In the contemporary world, the practice of yoga is based primarily on postures (asanas), and it is common in training programs to make a special emphasis on this aspect.The most authentic teacher training programs should take into account that physical yoga, which comes from hatha yoga and raja yoga, is a complete system to strengthen the body, cleanse the mind and expand consciousness and yoga is essential for this, as meditation and pranayama exercises, which in some schools are considered more important than the asanas.In addition to this, yoga techniques can include relaxation, cleansing techniques (kriyas) and mantras.

You must be lucky and prepared enough to join a good place and India is quite famous place to learn yoga. I suggest you to join yoga teacher training in India and be skilled at this craft in a professional manner.


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