The gym can be extremely difficult during the first few days, and not only when you carry out the training if you try, but rather from the moment you enter and see the range of fitness equipment you never saw in life and their functions are totally unknown to you. This is one of the situations that inspired this article, so we present some of the fitness equipment that you can find in the gym so that you can use it properly.

Pec Deck

It allows us to load weight from the sitting position, thanks to its small seat in the central part. With pec deck, the pectorals and the shoulders are exercised when opening.

Cross Pulleys

It is a fully metal arch with the ends where the weights are placed, which through the pulleys should be used with the help of hands and legs. It is ideal to work the back through the crosses of the pulleys, the arms, glutes and legs. There are variants of simple pulley to work the upper or lower body or the double to work both.

Leg Press

It is used to work the back of the legs, being a machine with inclined support for the back, as well as a small base for the feet in the back that must be moved after adding some amount of weight. It is ideal also for femoral, gluteal, quadriceps and adductors.

Parallel Bars

It is a very simple machine that has support for the back and forearms and serves to perform exercises in which you work with your own body weight. It serves to perform crunches in parallel, for example, bringing the knees to the chest, or we can work triceps and pectorals.

Leg Curl

This machine is used to work recumbent face down, however, it can change its position and with it we can work quadriceps.

Bench Press

It is a flat bench with support for bar on the head with which bench press can be made to work pectoral, or the triceps are worked or any other exercise that needs a support for the body to remain horizontal. It is a basic equipment of any gym. There are bench process that can be declined and tilted, also called multiangular, and serve to perform variants to said exercises or abs in different positions.

Lat Machine

It works the back specifically. It is a machine with pulley system that has a seat and support for the thighs. It allows to work sitting, grabbing a bar with hands with which you must overcome the resistance of the weight when pulling. It works mainly upper back.

As soon as the end of summer approaches, it comes the time when more many people make a decision to join the fitness center. September and January are the months of excellence in which the highest number of people are registered in fitness centers and this is due in large part to the increase in the number of people who wish to practice a healthy lifestyle.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), body weight training, strength training with weight machines, wearables, new technologies, each and every one of these new trends in the fitness sector are indispensable in any gym to remain up to date, but how do you know what commercial fitness equipment is more suitable for your members, which ones to change and which fitness machines will help your coaches correctly to carry them out! Well, you simply do not miss this list with the must-have commercial fitness equipment for the new season and position yourself as a reference among the best fitness centers.

Commitment to the Environment

The care and preservation of the environment are two major and constant concerns that managers, trainers and professionals in the sector are always worried about. The ecological gyms are already a reality of the industry and their expansion is nowadays booming. With an eco-friendly fitness center, you will save on the bill of light and attract a new audience interested in these values, while helping to conserve the planet.

Body Weight Training

Workouts with your own body weight have been other trends up for several years. Working using gravity as a tool helps the user strengthen back and correct posture. Other skills that are improved by performing this kind of exercises are speed, balance and coordination.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training, known as HIIT, alternates short periods of cardiovascular exercise with other periods of moderate routines, aiming to improve muscular endurance and burn calories. Among its main benefits are the savings in the time necessary to perform a session, which is from 5 to 45 minutes, and its good results for the reason that this discipline is configured as the ideal formula to lose weight without losing muscle and improve at the same time the cardiac and aerobic abilities.

Without a doubt, with this list of trends in commercial fitness equipment and approaches, you will turn your fitness center into an elite facility. You just do not hesitate to write us through commend form if you wish to receive information on any of these commercial fitness equipment. We will be happy to help you equip your gym with the fitness equipment that meets your goals.


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