Fitness enthusiasts often choose to purchase a multistation machine to exercise at home or at gym. It is a machine that gives the possibility of exercising all the muscle groups of the body. The experts say that there are a few important aspects which we must look to optimize our purchase of a multistation machine. So here I will present the important aspects so that you can make good bargain.

As in the case of other gym equipment, we must examine what use we are going to give it and what needs the user has. You have to evaluate your experience because, for example, if you have never been to a gym and you have not used a multistation, you will need a machine that is more functional and simple, that has a working position that does not present obstacles and does not cause you to hurt. The ones that are sold the most are those with an L-shape, allowing you to always have your back and your lower back supported to avoid impacts. Taking into account that in a multistation for home, you will not find all the exercises offered by the machines of the gyms, so you must choose those that allow you to move from one exercise to another without problems.

  • The weight of the machine must be at least 70 or 75 kilos, although almost all reach 100 kilos, this provides a greater settling of the machine.
  • It is essential to evaluate the space available. If it is not very wide, you should opt for the models that are not very big.
  • Better if it has a low pulley output, which allows to expand the exercises such as work with dorsal, chest in extension and contraction, back and in quadriceps and femoral.
  • An important point is welding; it is best to be cordoned off, since they are the highest quality. The more you have this type of the machine, the better, since it will be more stable and rigid.
  • Climbing cables is a system that is old. Lined steel cables are better, as they last much longer and are reinforced.
  • For guided plates, it is recommended that they are disc, since they are more comfortable to use.
  • We should look at safety. For this we will check that the most exposed areas have rounded corners. It is an aspect to take into account especially if you have children at home.
  • The padding and upholstery of the machine should have double stitching, other than the staple type, which will offer more durability. Also they are fireproof.

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