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Though children are quite resilient when it comes to the heat of summertime; this season poses certain health risks for children that we should be watchful of. I have here a list of my top ten summertime health risks for children, and what we can do to make the days of summer safer for our children.


The presence of anything with water poses one of the biggest health risks for children, especially in the summer months. Water just seems to attract children like a magnet.

Between the years 2012 – 2014, 267 children under the age of 5 drowned. This amount increased to 283 between 2013 – 2015. Most of these children were between the ages 1 – 2, and were in a residential setting. The cause of most of these accidents was small inflatable pools.

The use of these pools is not a bad thing. In fact, they can provide hours of fun for young children. The health risk comes into play when water is left in the pool. Even when children are not playing in the pool, because of the soft pliable sides it is too easy for children to trip and fall in, just when playing. Dump the water out, and tip the pool over when not in use. Proper parental supervision is the #1 defense to drowning in these pools.

Heat of the Mid-day Sun

Children sometimes get so absorbed in their playing, they don’t realize that they are getting overheated, which can lead to heat exhaustion. Make sure when playing, that the children are dressed as cooly as possible.


Playing outside during the summer tends to warm the body up. During the warm summer months it is important that children have plenty of water and fluids to drink. It replaces the fluid their bodies loose while sweating.


Especially with young children; when outside playing they become distracted by something, and before you know it, they just walk off to see whatever it is they need to see. Next thing you know, they are lost.

Of course, the best thing to have is a fenced in yard, but if one is not available, just sit outside with them while they are playing. It’s a good time to relax, and get some fresh air.


Many people use fans to help cool their homes when the weather gets warm, but fans can be a child magnet. Children are attracted by the way fans make it windy, and it seems that the first thing they want to do, is stick their hand in to touch the blades, which can cause injury. It is best to put fans up on a table. They are still just as effective, and can’t be reached by young children.

Unprotected Windows

Children are naturally curious, and love to look out of windows. That is how they can tell what is going on outside. When opening windows for air circulation, make sure there is no furniture for children to climb up on to look out. It will prevent them from falling out, and causing injury.


When the weather gets hot children tend to loose their appetites. Since their bodies are growing, it is important that they don’t loose nutrition. It’s okay to let them graze throughout the day, just so they are getting nutrition. Lunchmeat, cheese sticks, fruit and some cereals are perfect, nutritious grazing foods, and children love them.

Bike Riding

During the warm summer months children could ride their bikes everyday, all day. You can give them a head start on safety, by making sure that they wear their protective gear. A helmet, knee and elbow pads will keep injuries to a minimum if there is an accident. Make sure they take a bottle of water with them, to help fight against dehydration.

Catching Bugs

Children love to catch bugs, and the warm summer months bring bugs out in droves. Try to discourage this if possible, because they have no way of knowing which bug is poisonous. It would be best to teach them to enjoy insects in their natural environment.

Stray Animals

When the weather turns warm it seems that more and more pets leave their yards. Though most are not dangerous, they could bite if they felt threatened or scared. Children need to know that they might frighten an animal if they approached it, especially if the animal did not know the child.

Summertime is a time of fun and enjoyment. By being aware of the health risks for our children, and taking steps to avoid them, will continue to give many fun and enjoyable summers.


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