Yoga pants are very comfortable and are perfect for those flexible positions that are required when practicing or when performing any type of exercise. The material used to make them is usually soft and stretchy which make them very wearable and cozy. It's this comfort that makes us wish we could go around in yoga pants all day. So I am glad to say that this is in fact doable; you can wear yoga pants for many things other than yoga.

The styles that have a boot cut leg are especially functional as part of your everyday wardrobe and can even look quite elegant when paired with the right top and shoes. For a nice office outfit you can wear the pants with a nice colorful blouse ant top it off with a knee length jacket. A nice pair of boots and some accessories can finish the look. It is a good idea to get the pants in basic black, this way you can wear them with just about any color. Also, since black pants are such a staple of everyday office attire you can wear them more than once in one week; no one will notice.

The yoga pant is also a wonderful accessory for great evening looks. Wear them with a sparkly sexy top and some funky sandals for a night of dancing, or with a pretty camisole and matching jacket for a romantic dinner date. Even on a more casual movie night with the girls, you can wear the pants with a cute knit tunic top along with a pair of ballerina flats. You'll be comfortable and chick at the same time. The looks for a great night out are endless; you can even wear them to a formal party if you match them up with a super elegant blouse or top. Look for something made with a shiny material; sequins, metallic fabrics, even taffeta if it is done tastefully. On or just above the knee lengths are best and if you opt for a scooped neckline it will add even more glamour. Of course, your hair and accessories are important here as well; they need not be flashy, just elegant. Wear a nice necklace and earrings as well as an elegant bracelet and there you are! A great formal look consisting of a pair of yoga pants; who knew?

Of course, the weekend is another great time to don the yoga pant; this goes without saying! In wintertime you can wear them with a cozy hoodie and fluffy socks for some great home lounging. A thick pair of yoga pants can even be worn outside with a long wool coat, a scarf and warm boots. In summer any old t-shirt can complement your yoga pants and when it's super hot, a tank top works quite nicely with them too.

And lastly, the best part of the yoga pant is that if after any of the above scenarios there's a yoga class following, all you have to do is put on a workout top and you're set! Ready to do your yoga in less than 5 minutes! It doesn't get much than that. So if don't own a pair, go out and get one, you will definitely get plenty of use out of it and have many 'don't know what to wear' dilemmas solved in a flash.


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