There are many questions in one’s mind when you intend to start yoga such as ‘Is yoga a good practice for me?’ and ‘How do I know it is what I’m looking for?’ well, Yoga is a universal system which means that, in principle, it fits for everyone. This is because it has a variety of practices to choose from, among which are the yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, mantras, relaxation and yoga philosophy in everyday life. In addition, if we refer specifically to the physical yoga, there is a variety of options, some more physical and more spiritual. For example, there are forms of therapeutic and restorative yoga to treat physical and psychological conditions, or hatha yoga, which is soft, meditative and slow and adapts to different body types and ages, or forms of yoga more contemporary and may be more intense.

It is a noncompetitive simple method, which requires little and gives a lot in return. Yoga does not require special equipment. So with us where we’re going, it is simple and rewarding. And, unlike most physical practices, which have a certain level of requirement and does not accommodate all physical states, it is a noncompetitive practice, which respects the limits of the body and which is suitable for most of us, it just asks us for perseverance. Yoga understands that everyone is different and it is respectful of these differences. These principles can be explained through their spiritual tradition.

It also has the distinction of maintaining awareness each year and, as it is slow and controlled, and the risk of injury is minimal especially if practiced with a qualified teacher. On the contrary, a principle of yoga postures is that they should be comfortable and stable, and not painful, as put by the famous teacher Patanjali. It is normal that when you try for the first time, you have completely new sensations because you are not used to seeing the world from such a variety of perspectives or do with your bodies so many unimaginable positions, but you will see that the best thing about it is that yoga is very amusing.

In its classic form, this discipline will accommodate men and women of all ages and beliefs. Although it has common roots with certain spiritual traditions, yoga is a method, not a religion. Every yoga practitioner focuses on his/her own being, without alignment, concentration, or paradigm comparisons regarding breathing and the appropriate positions. A well-done position does not make it perfect or beautiful. Everyone gets to where he/she can get, depending on flexibility, balance and strength.

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We realize that some positions that seem difficult are more trusted or concentrated rather than physical strength and if there is a place where one can be authentic and where everyone will learn with patience and non-compete, it is in the academies and schools of yoga. These even become places of great emotional or spiritual support for people at times of their lives, for example, when you are new in town.

Many of us yearn to be healthier and stronger, and many have heard that there are techniques to balance the mind and live happier, but we decide to just learn and implement and maybe today it is the day you decide. But if you are still not so sure that what it is you want, have patience and learn more about yoga, its impact and benefits.

Different Reasons to Approach Yoga

Each person has a different approach to yoga.Some want to exercise the body, increase flexibility, strength, have an attractive figure, increase vitality and stay young.That is the main interest in yoga in Western countries and it is the most widespread of the discipline.

However, other people come to yoga as a therapy, attracted by the benefits of yoga to treat back pain or sleep disorders, others are more aware of the holistic nature of the body, understanding yoga as a preventive medicine to maintain health and structure of our body, and it also goof for our internal organs and systems as it facilitates cleaning and removal of toxins, energy flow and a balanced mind, a basic condition for a healthy body.

Other people seek yoga as an emotional therapy and as a way to seek a comforting space and inner strengthening, or to handle periods of depression because they are going through times of high stress and urgently need something to calm and bring emotional equanimity.Finally, there are those who come to be motivated by the spiritual tradition of yoga discipline, because they want to have a full and meaningful life, expand their boundaries, open to happiness, to be more present or contact with something transcendent.

No matter what your particular case is, yoga adapts to different bodies and has something for everyone.If you want to exercise, that’s fine.I congratulate you for wanting to take care of your body.If you want calm and peace to better manage your responsibilities and times of stress in day-to-day life activities, if you are going through a difficult period, you want to improve a physical ailment or prevent disease, if you want to make a definitive change to increase your health or you want a wider and spiritual life, you are on the right track.


  • Before starting any exercise regimen, it is important to consult a doctor.
  • People who have sensitive physical conditions, must also have a practice adapted to their needs.
  • Whenever there is any part of the body with some temporary discomfort, you should inform the yoga teacher before class. If there is a sharp pain, you should stop practicing yoga immediately.
  • There are some positions and types of yoga that are not suitable during pregnancy.
  • The practices should be guided by an expert yoga teacher.

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