Men Boobs


In this post, we will talk about a few tricks to avoid the annoying appearance of breasts in men.

First of all, I have to tell you an uncomfortable truth that the growth of breasts in men is, besides annoying, a more common evil than it seems. And although there is a belief that there is only one cause, in fact, there are two quite different ones; the first one is called gynecomastia, which consists of an inflammation of the mammary glands and it is due to a hormonal imbalance generated, among other causes, by abuse of some medication.

There is a type of inflammation that almost always occurs in adolescence and it is estimated that 65% of the young people suffer, but it disappears over time. The other one is much more common and it is called pseudogynecomastia and it is a type of breast enlargement due to fat, because of being overweight and lack of exercise.

Well, both types have the particular solutions, and the gynecomastia treatment is not so complicated by doing the physical activities. Here I present you with a few steps to avoid this annoyance for good.

Eat a Balanced Diet

If it is possible for you and even not, you must try to reduce the consumption of meat, flour and fried foods. It may sound commonplace, but it is true. You have to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Lifting Weights

Lifting weights will help tone and tighten muscles. But beware that you get well together in order to develop a complete program. You have to go step by step to avoid the injuries and for that there is nothing better than to seek the help of an expert fitness trainer.


  • You have to work on your chest, shoulders, arms and back with strength exercises.
  • You can do squats, for example, or lunge, which are exercises directed at the buttocks and legs.
  • Do cardiovascular workouts, which are ideal for fat burning such as walking, jogging, swimming or biking. Decreasing the body fat will help reduce the size of the abdomen.
  • The traditional bench and inclined bench are another alternative to get rid of male breasts. It is recommended to increase the level progressively, starting with few repetitions until progressively increase the repetitions and the sets.
  • Perform the lizard exercise in which the person rests forward with his arms on the floor to lift the weight of the body with both arms, an exercise that strengthens the muscles of the arm and helps combat fat in the male breasts.
  • Do you want to know the best way to eliminate the man boobs? In this post, you will no doubt find that there are exercises that will help you get the chest you want. Man boobs are embarrassing, but there are many benefits to exercising your chest. The results may be slow at first, but as you progress, your will surely reap the rewards.

    Having a low self-esteem and lack of confidence are some of the usual complications guys have to do with the cause of the size and shape of their excessive breasts. In order for you to get rid of man boobs, you have to work and watch your diet program. Gynecomastia is very harmful for men, but some men take it lightly. Instead of exercising, they remain lazy and keep eating too much, drinking lots of beer, and abstaining from anything to get rid of gynecomastia.

    Many men would like to know exactly what the best method to get rid of gynecomastia is without exercising. The answer is that there are no ways to get rid of flabby breasts if it is not resolved with hard work. A great way to eliminate gynecomastia is to get into a health and fitness center and you get a really good fitness instructor or personal trainer. Your fitness instructor will be able to set you up with the perfect workout to get you started. Not only will you lose man boobs, but you will definitely shed even more body fat.

    Some other effective physical exercises include swimming, walking, jogging and cycling. All these tasks are suitable for aerobic exercise programs. They are great for fat loss as aerobic physical fitness benefits the overall cardiovascular system. You will feel that this is a program for you once you begin and you will no doubt see a difference in your body weight and the issue of gynecomastia. The best way to do this is to set goals and stick with them.

    Lifting weights is the most effective exercise a man can do to minimize both the man boobs and the excessive body fat. Bench presses also benefit the chest muscles. You must make sure that you have a personal fitness instructor to offer you the proper instructions and training before you begin your weight lifting workout. Not having the proper training could trigger severe trauma.

    The most effective training for male breasts is weight lifting. However, you must realize that you need to start slowly. You could engage in a rush to get rid of the fat in your chest, but if you hurry, it can hurt you. Put aside some days when you will be able to work at a slow pace. After that, as you get accustomed to light weight lifting, gradually improve the weights. Be sure to listen to your fitness instructor and follow their instructions and you will surely get the results you want.