Home Workout


If you think you are going to wake up early and start working out and reach your fitness goals in a few months. Then you might be surprised that it’s not all that easy. The very first thing you need to do is to make a Game Plan, create a to-do-list and follow everyday to stay focused.

Know Your Fitness Goals: 

Determine what you want to achieve and plan accordingly.

To workout at home you probably need to free up a bit of space in your home and time in your schedule. Pick a spot that has a space which should be a large enough area for you to stretch.

Create a consistent exercise schedule which helps you better stick to your routine. “Over time, your body will build up strength, endurance, and stamina.

Fitness At Home Components: 

According to fitness experts there are minimum 5 components you can do at home

A warm up before you start your workout routine

A cardiovascular workout

Resistance (strength-building) exercises

Flexibility moves or stretching and

A cooldown at the end.

Benefits of working out at home

From Scheduling your workout session to track your progress

A home based workout routine can be convenient and will be super easy in terms of

It saves your time – no more time consumption on travelling or waiting for equipments

Anytime Workout –  No matter what time it is, day or night you can exercise on your own schedule

Privacy – no more self consciousness

Money Saving – No Need to pay for Gym fee or any sort of expensive equipment

Mental peace – After working out and stretching, you’ll find Mental peace.

A good way to stay motivated to fitness and avoid distractions, is to exercise early in the Morning.

Morning exercise is more likely to stick to your daily workout routines

“Get (the workout) over with first thing in the morning, then get on with your day”

Here are 5 healthy and easy tips to be Fit at home

Drink a lot of H2O : 

Human body is 70% water. Water is the best source which carries oxygen and passes throughout the body. Whereas, minerals help in Kidney filtration. H2O will keep our body hydrated and helps to reduce weight, and makes skin healthy. You can also add detoxing agents like lemon, cucumber, mint leaves, cinnamon etc.

Eat Right :

One has to eat the right food which contains a balanced diet provides you energy and nutrients you need for growth and repair. Less caloric food is always good to go and carbs as well. High fiber and proteins are the best examples of eating the right food. Avoid eating food which is oily. Avoid preserved food and sugar syrups

Exercise :

Everyday exercise is a must for each and every individual regardless of age to enhance physical fitness. Exercise boosts our mind and stimulates metabolism. Exercise includes any type of workout or any outdoor sports, also Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Martial arts, Swimming, and weight lifting.

Keep yourself Stress free :

To keep yourself Stress relief one needs to follow a routine which has meditation or stretch, Listen to good music, work accordingly, have patience, one important aspect is to avoid distraction. Your focus and concentration on your work will provide you with the best result and satisfaction. Procrastination gives you stress and the thought of doing the work tomorrow, never gets accomplished.

Good Sleep :

A good night Sleep is necessary as well to maintain your daily schedule and healthy living. Avoid sleeping in the afternoon or in regular intervals to have proper sleep at night. Try consistent timings. At least 7 hours of sleep has to be taken to avoid unnecessary health issues. Poor sleep causes weight gain and health risk.

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