Good health is the biggest blessing of God toward human beings. But not all individuals possess perfect health and fitness. Weight gaining is a blessing for the people who are underweight.  With respect to the survey of the World Health Organization (W.H.O), 462 million adults globally possess health issues like under-weight. So, if an individual passionately wants to increase their body weight, they have to stick to eating a healthy and natural diet and eating those things which effectively promote the body weight to rise.

Causes/Reasons of Being Underweight:-

Following are some of the major causes of being under-weight:-

1)     History of Family:-

Few people are born with a nature of genes that makes them naturally thin and skinny. Family past is one of the basic and foremost reasons on which the person’s health depends.

2)     Fitness Circumstances:-

Any individual suffering from any disease or illness, might experience the issue of weight loss. They also sometimes suffer from the spine in their metabolism which is the major reason for constant weight loss.

3)     Depression:-

Those people who suffer from the illness of depression, might cause loss of appetite and because of this reason, they eventually lose their body weight.

4)     High-Metabolism:-

Some people are born with extreme metabolism. How much they eat doesn’t depend on their fitness and health. They always remain lean.

5)     Eating Disorders:-

Those individuals who possess specific eating disorders that involve bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder suffer greatly from under-weight issues.

Simple Home Remedies for Gaining Weight in 10 Days:-

Those people who are underweight are called skinny people. There are also several and many reasons for weight loss like loss of hunger, genetic, strain, retrieval from illness as well as poor nutrition. Following are the simple home remedies and products that must be involved in the regular and daily diet, if an individual wants to gain their weight:-

1)     Banana Milk Shake:-

Bananas are full of high calories and carbohydrates as well as give an immediate energy boost to a person. Eating at least 3 bananas or drinking a glass of banana milk can help a person to gain weight in a very short period of time.

2)     Peanut Butter:-

Peanut butter is also an important source of gaining weight. If a person adds peanut butter in their daily breakfast along with multigrain bread, its long-term effects are magical. It possesses high calories fatty acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins which aids in gaining weight.

3)     Eggs:-

Eggs are an excellent source of gaining weight as it comprises healthy fat, massive amounts of protein and other different nutrients. Key healthy nutrients are possessed by the yolk of the egg.

4)     Yoghurt:-

That yoghurt which contains full fat is very beneficial in gaining weight. Adding a good amount of yogurt in daily routine diet has long-term advantages on health.

5)     Cheese:-

Eating cheese in any form also helps to gain weight. It possesses a high amount of calcium, protein, fat and calories.  If an individual intends to gain weight he or she must consider eating full fat cheese.

6)     Whole-grain Cereals:-

  Several cereals possess a high amount of vitamins and minerals. An individual must eat those cereals which contain whole grains and nuts. They also contain high levels of calories and carbohydrates as well as nutrients like fiber and antioxidants.

7)   Dry Fruits:-

Many dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachio, cranberries etc. possess high amounts of calories that also support humans to gain weight.

8)     Red Meat:-

Red meat supports an individual to gain muscles and weight at the same time. Beef steak holds creatine and leucine, these two powerful nutrients play a vital role to boost muscle gain. Meat also comprises fat and protein to gain whole body weight.

9)     Rice:-

Rice is that agricultural crop which contains a high volume of calories and calories assists a person in gaining weight. It also contains carbohydrates. Most of the people around the globe find it very easy to add rice in their daily diet along with chicken, meat, fish or vegetables.

10)  Date Milk Shake:-

Dates are a significant source of vitamins like, vitamin A, C, E, K, B2 and B6 as well as contain thiamine and niacin. Dates milk shake is a vital source of energy and protein which supports in gaining weight in a short period of time.

11)  Mango Milk Shake:-

Mango is the king of the fruits. It contains a massive amount of sugar, proteins and carbohydrates. Besides this drinking mango shake has fruitful benefits on a person’s mental and physical health as well as it boosts body weight and recovers illness.

12)  Bake Potatoes:-

Potato is another significant vegetable. It contains a high volume of fiber, vitamin C and B6 and carbohydrates. The best and most effective way to eat them is to make potatoes grilled or bake and eat them with pure butter.

13)  Chamomile Tea:-

This tea contains appetite cleaning and stimulating properties. It also helps to calm the nerves of the whole human body. It has outstanding digestive properties, through which food can be timely digested and in this way a person eats the food in full capacity.

14)  Figs:-

Fig is a unique beneficial fruit. It comprises polyunsaturated fats which timely and quickly dissolves in the human body to help them in gaining weight.  They also possess carbohydrates that also support in gaining weight in a small amount of time.

15)  Raisins:-

Raisins are a kind of mystic fruit that aids in restocking nutrients and contains fatty acids that promotes weight gain of an individual.

In short, as compared to losing weight, gaining weight is also very difficult. It is a time consuming procedure and it also depends on individual health, habits and lifestyle. If a person is weak and determined to gain the weight he or she will do it by following the given remedies and eating the healthy natural foods.