Fitness Equipment


Here we are going to talk about the most important gym equipment. We could say that with this you occupy 90% of what you are looking for.

Squats Rack

This is certainly an investment, but it can give you a lot of flexibility and security if you start to load more weights. For example, without the rack in your gym equipment, you would have to first get a power clean for such a military press. And rather heavy sit-ups would be very difficult to carry out.

So we can say that the squat rack gives you more height to be able to select exercises that can be very worthwhile. With this, you do not have to worry about exercising without partners with heavy weights. For example, having a squat rack does not mean that you are going to try personal records with no one else at home. It is still dangerous and I am definitely against this.

Chin-Up Bar

One of the few exercises you cannot do with just bars or dumbbells are the ones you master. Unless you have a tree or iron rod on the roof by your house, this becomes unnecessary. But in case it is not, the chin-up is an excellent exercise that I personally never put aside. The good thing is that these are cheap compared to other equipment. I would even consider them as the main exercise.

As you will see in the online stores, there are different types of chin-up bars that you can buy in the market. Some can be mounted inside the door of your room, and others directly to the wall. This will be only a personal choice, not that some are better than the others. What only interests you is that you can bear your own weight and do not disturb the location where you decide to put it.

Weight Bench

It is always a good addition to your home gym equipment. But in case that money and space are somewhat limited, you can consider the first two mentioned above. This gives you quite a few more options as far as lifts are concerned.

Medical Ball

What can be more functional than lifting 8kg above your head and bouncing it against the ground as hard as you can! And do it over and over again. They are perfect to develop explosiveness, as well as being quite cheap.


It is simply something that helps you grip your barbell or dumbbell to simulate wider. With this you have to open more hand to grab and work more forearm, but honestly you can make them homemade if you want.

If you are one of those who has taken as a strong purpose this year to start an exercise and fitness routine, gain muscle mass or simply sign up for a gym, today we want to help you with some useful information that will make your fitness in the gym more friendly. We will describe the fitness equipment that you can find in the gym, so that you can easily identify them and know their usefulness to train.

Lying Leg Curl Machine

It is machine in which the individual must work lying down in the belly, that is face down, which allows to work on femoral or hamstrings, muscles located in the back of the leg. Exercises can be performed on as a leg curl lying down. There is also a vertical machine to perform the leg curl upright.

Leg Press

It serves to work the back of the legs. It is a machine with a sloped back that allows to position the back and has a platform in which we must place the feet to lift with the legs the weight. It mainly serves to work femoral and buttocks, although you can also work on quadriceps and adductors with it.

Cross Pulleys

This machine is made up of a metal bow at the two ends of which are placed the weights and pulleys to take of hands and legs. It is a multifunction machine since it can work on the back with crosses of pulleys, the arms in all its parts, glutes and legs. There is also a single and double pulley for lower, upper, or both.

Adductor Exercise Machine

It is a machine that only serves to work the lower part to train in the seated position. The weight is loaded on them and you must join the legs or separate them, that is, take them to the center or take them out of the body. It works internal and external face of the legs.

Pec Deck

It is a machine that allows to load weight and has seat to work from sitting position. With it, you can work pectorals and also shoulders.

So far we have told you the main fitness equipment that you can find in a gym to train your muscles without risk of losing in search of the appropriate equipment or suggested for your routine.

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If you have recently joined the gym and want to start the new course with regular training that allows you to be in shape, we help you recognize the fitness equipment you will find in the gym to make your fitness center friendlier. In order that you can easily identify them when they are named and you know which muscles you can work in each of them, here I present the list of fitness equipment with their functions and some other useful features.

Bench Press

It has a support to place the bar, and it is one of the most basic fitness equipment that you will find in the gym, and that although can support many exercises, is often used to perform bench press for working out pectorals.

There are multi-ring benches that can be tilted or declined to perform exercises in different positions such as abs on inclined bench. It is also used as a support for other exercises, in short, it is a bench with the added support to rest the bar when we have not started the movement.

Leg Press

It is another well-known fitness equipment of the gyms that occupies a great space and serves only to work legs as its name indicates it. It has a sloping backrest in which we can support the whole back, and a platform that we must push with our feet to lift the weight with the muscles of the legs. With this machine, we can work mostly femoral and buttocks.


It is a machine that has a seat to work out the muscles sitting for exercising the upper body. You can perform the classic chest openings to strengthen pectorals and we can also work shoulders.

Lat Machine

It has a seat and support for the thighs, has a system of pulleys and a bar that we must hold to pull it and work the muscles of the back. It can be used to exercise between other dorsal muscles.

With the brief description, we have given you some of the fitness equipment that you will when you join a gym, so that you can easily recognize each of them in your fitness center when it is time to work the muscles with their use. The fitness equipment is of great help as a guide for movement and support to adopt a good posture.