Fatter In A Week


While most of us want to shed off that extra pound or two, many suffer from being underweight and are looking for ways to gain weight. However, getting fatter in a week is comparatively easier and is achievable through an alteration in your routine diet and general lifestyle changes.

We have compiled some ways for you to follow. By adopting the following dietary changes, you can get fatter in a week!

Getting fatter through dietary alterations: 

Increasing the Consumption of Sugary Foods

Instead of following proper dietary measures, consumption of sugary drinks, and eating similar foodstuffs will help in gaining extra weight at a fast rate. Increasing sugar in your normal diet instantly increases your weight.

Eating out more often

People are always on the lookout for shortcuts. Whether it’s getting thinner or getting fatter, a hack is always appreciated. One smart way of getting fatter is to increase the amount of food that you are eating. So when your meal portions are raised and you eat, for instance, four to six decent sized meals, then you are bound to easily get fatter in a week.

Adding nutrition which increases weight

Adding nutritive elements such as potatoes, dairy such as cheese, bread, etc. is rich and is often advised by health practitioners to be avoided if you want to lose weight fast. But since that is not the case and you want to become fatter, adding these elements to your diet will help you become fatter. Eat meals which are high in carbohydrates and fats as carbs retain water which causes one to bloat. Whereas drinking high protein shakes or eating energy snack bars also makes one get fatter.

The increasing number of meals in a day

Increasing the number of meals you eat during a day plus the quantity of food that you eat will also help become fatter.

Consuming fizzy drinks daily

Drinking carbonated drinks every day also makes you fat. However, it can also lead to other issues such as weak bones as such fizzy drinks can dissolve your bones in no time. The artificial sweeteners trigger your appetite cravings to increase and unconsciously increase your proportions

Skipping the starting meal of the day

Even skipping meals can trigger instant weight gain as is the habit of today; most people skip the first meal of the day. With most of them in a hurry, skipping meals boosts hunger and increases the chances of overeating when you have your next meal.

Eating and screen go together to pack on pounds

Eating too quickly and watching TV are known to go hand in hand together. We are often not paying attention to the food we are eating when we are watching TV. This can also lead to the kitchen being open all day long and all night, with your eyes glued to the screen. Even if your eyes are glued to the small screen of your smartphone, you are probably munching something. The more you pass your time in front of your screen, the more time you will spend on sitting in front of the telly, and the more easily you will gain weight.

Here’s how you can become fat using exercise as a tool to get fatter in a week:

Alterations in lifestyle are rapidly happening and exercises are no different. Today the motto behind the physical activity is to relieve stress and anxiety and to be optimistic, kinder, and grateful to our bodies. Continuous activity is also bad for your body and may lead to injury which halts all physical exercise altogether.

Change your meal-after-exercise mindset 

If food is consumed correctly and appropriately, then it can either become medicine or poison. The same rule applies to exercise. If you don’t exercise well, it too can become poison. Exercising so that you can binge eat tomorrow is not healthy. This way your physical efforts will be wasted and

Consuming the wrong kind of foods after an exercise session

Eating the wrong foods after exercising also leads to one becoming fatter rather than the opposite. While exercise may be considered as a suppressant, each person may have a varying reaction. Some people become even more hungry than usual and binge on foods that may have the opposite reaction and end up getting fatter.

Why over-exercising is not encouraged

Over-exercising may cause your body to become overstressed which results in the release of stress hormones which may flood your system and cause you to become fat within no time. The stress hormone known as cortisol causes one to overeat and drastically an increases insulin level which makes you crave foods that contain high levels of fats and carbs

Set realistic goals for physical activity

Be as realistic as you can be when it comes to exercise or physical activity. Do not overstress if you miss a day as a day off will give your body a good time to recover. Don’t sabotage your efforts by overeating feel-good comfort foods that may be rich in fat.

Besides diet and exercise, there are other ways of getting fatter in a week. These include a major proponent, known as sleep. Sleep too has a major effect on your body weight. Read on to find out:

Increase Your Sleeping Hours

Another way of becoming fatter in a week is by increasing your sleeping hours. When you sleep more than your daily requirement, you start to gain weight and that helps you to become fatter. Especially napping in the afternoon is said to be a strong reason for gaining weight.

Studies show that if you aim to become fatter than sleeping more than 8 hours in a day will make you gain weight. It is an easy way to gain weight without going to the gym to gain muscle. Sleeping more also causes the food in your system to move slower than usual which is why it digests later and stays in the body and adds to weight gain.