Dark Circles


All human beings are imperfect creatures. They want to live their desired life, want a lot of money, fame, fitness etc.  This is our life and everyone wants to live their existence according to their own respective ways. It obviously does not mean that we humans can’t form some behaviors and best practices for justifying the unavoidable of a well and desired dream life. We have taken so much work and responsibilities on us that most of us don’t have time to take care of their skins, consult any dermatologist on frequent basis and use good quality of face washes, gels, moisturizers and scrubs to make the chances of getting dark circles or any other skin problems to eliminate.

Why does Human get Dark Circles:-

The problem of dark circles is worldwide in both men and women. As the person ages, skin naturally loses collagen and starts growing thinner and less tight. So irrespective, whatever kind of skin a person has or whatever good habits an individual upholds, the veins will certainly start to appear through the thin skin around the eyes. As it is natural that a lot of exposure from the sun hustle up the process of breaking collagen, so in this scenario the best defense is to habitually use sunblock. Another major reason is ‘Genetics’ and it is the principal element that which type of skins the youngers and descendants have. Another reason for having dark circles is both anti-aging and sun-bathing.

Best Ways to Remove Dark Circle in 2 Days:-

Following are the 15 best and most effective ways to get rid of dark circles issues naturally:-

1)     Use of Argan Oil:-

Argan oil possesses a massive amount of anti-aging elements and it can remove black and dark heads naturally in a few days. This oil not only diminishes dark circles but also gives a cooling sensation on the skin to make the person feel more rejuvenated. It also contains anti-oxidant which have power to eradicate impurities from the skin.

2)     Use of Apple Cider Vinegar:-

Apple cider vinegar retains a lot of minerals and enzymes which aids in eliminating dark circles and makes an individual look refreshed and younger. This element increases the blood circulation by messaging it on the skin and it will improve skin texture drastically.

3)     Green Tea Bags:-

Green tea bags are present in almost every home. They have the antioxidant properties to remove dark black heads. As we have made ourselves busy by watching television, movies on laptop, tablets etc. These all factors support forming dark circles and usage of green tea bags are very useful for removing it.

4)     Aloe Vera gel:-

Aloe Vera has abundant benefits on skin and hair as well.  It contains a mystic property and power to eradicate dark circles on skin rapidly. Aloe Vera hydrates the skin very well and effectively eliminates pigmentation and acne around the whole face. It also possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to reduce itchiness and puffiness on the skin.

5)     Use of Cucumber:-

Cucumber comprehends effective soothing properties to relax, hydrate, cools and refreshes skin. It is also a good way to remove black heads on the face. It also nourishes the skin and develops blood circulation.

6)     Use of Tomato:-

Tomato has outstanding bleaching agents. It also removes dark circles and puffiness in a very short amount of time. Tomato has also whitening agents to brighten up the skin and makes skin soft and supple.

7)     Use of Potato Juice:-

Potato has also many benefits for various skin and hair issues. It supports to reduce sun tan skin, dark circles and pigmentation on the face.  It also comprises bleaching properties which supports to reduce black heads in no time.

8)     Castor Oil:-

It is a kind of natural oil having properties of rejuvenating skin. This oil also has  the properties to remove dark circles in a very short amount of time.  This oil is also helpful in fighting all the types of skin infections and diseases. It contains antioxidant properties as well as eradicates impurities in less time period.

9)     Rose Water:-

Using rose water is an outstanding remedy to remove dark circles in a few days. This water fortifies and rejuvenates the skin. Hence rose water removes dark circles in a few days. It goes directly underneath the skin and cools as well as relaxes the skin in a few seconds. It also improves blood circulation as well.

10) Honey:-

The role of honey is very effective and substantial in our daily routine life. It is an excellent remedy for many health and skin related issues. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. It also contains anti-aging properties which makes the skin look even more radiant and brighten. This natural ingredient eliminates the problem of dark circles in a very less amount of time.

11) Dark Chocolate:-

Eating dark chocolates is beneficial for an individual’s health. Dark chocolates protect against the UV sun rays and because of this,  the anti-aging process goes slow down as well as reduce the chances to get dark circles on the face.

12) Cold Milk:-

Dairy products, especially milk, possess a great source of Vitamin A that contains retinoid which aids in keeping skin looking young and refreshed.  It is also very beneficial to soak a pad of cotton into the cool milk and rub the pad onto the dark circles and rinse the face after 10 minutes. This will ultimately remove dark circles in no time.

13) Orange Juice:-

As orange is the most beneficial fruit for all the parts of the body as it contains a mass amount of Vitamin A and C. It also helps in eliminating black heads and makes skin looks younger and refreshed as well as vibrant.

14) Salmon Fish:-

Fish like salmon contains a massive amount of Omega 3 and fatty acids to improve the blood circulation throughout the body and ultimately,  this results in removing dark circles under the eyes.

15) Water:-

At last, Water. It is the most important source to remain healthy and fit through both i.e. mind and body. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day makes the body hydrated and protects the human body from various diseases and illnesses. Drinking adequate amounts of water also aids in removing dark circles around the eyes.

People all over the globe can change their definite lifestyles to improve their mental and physical health as well as to reduce the appearance of dark circles. All these remedies are highly effective and if an individual follows any of these remedies, they can get rid of this skin related problem in no time.

Dark circles under eyes are a normal occurrence and can appear under our eyes for a number of reasons. Here are some common reasons why dark circles occur: 

Reason#1: Not drinking enough water

Water is a major component of our skin, that’s why keeping our body hydrated is so important. The skin around our eyes especially, is very thin and requires constant hydration. Therefore, it is best advised to keep our skin regularly hydrated. Increasing your daily intake of water to at least 7 to 8 glasses in a day also helps in decreasing dark circles.

Reason#2: Genetics & Hemoglobin

Genes also play a strong role in the appearance of dark circles. Though you cannot remove them but you can drastically reduce their appearance. For this, various methods can be used such as natural remedies or cosmetic procedures to lighten dark circles overtime. The skin on the outside reflects the health of the body inside. Another strong factor is your hemoglobin level. If these are low or are constantly fluctuating, then your body is suffering from some form of deficiency. We suggest visiting your general physician for a general check-up and find out the cause of your dark circles.

Reason#3: Prolonged Screen Time leads to Sleeplessness

Looking at the computer screen or your smartphone for long hours is a major cause for dark circles. That’s why it’s recommended to wash eyes with water every hour or two. Another thing that you can do is limit screen time. Allot a couple of hours every day where you don’t look at the screen. Constant screen engagement causes insomnia, with late night hours causing our body clock to turn topsy turvy. This in turn results with us sleeping at odd hours and waking up at even odder ones. Balancing your lifestyle and getting proper rest will also help in reducing dark circles.

Although dark eye circles are not a serious matter but many people, especially women seek various ways to treat it or hide them altogether.  Just follow our advice and find out how you can lessen these persistent circles around your eyes:

Start with your kitchen and look for ingredients which have a good reputation for lightening dark circles. Most kitchen items are safe and easy on the skin as well.

Place Sliced Cucumbers on the Eyes

Cucumbers are a staple favorite when it comes to diminishing dark circles. These can be used as a cold compress for they contain vitamin K, which increases blood circulation. Simply cut cucumber slices, chill them in the freezer and place them on the eyes. The cold will instantly rush blood to the affected area.

Chill Your Used Teabags

Another natural remedy is by applying cold teabags on your eyes. Tannins are found in tea and help in reducing swelling in the eye area. After a busy day, simply brew a cup of tea and instead of disposing the tea bags put them in the freezer. Let them chill in the freezer for 15 minutes or so, and then take them out. Place them on your eyes for 6 to 7 minutes. This will help in lightening the color of your dark circles.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Vitamin C is a favorite among dermatologists and specialists for its property of collagen production. Collagen can diminish some of the discoloration caused by dark circles, that’s why vitamin C is highly favored by people in the skin and beauty industry. But that’s not the only vitamin that gets the spotlight. Since dark circles form under our eye which has the thinnest skin in comparison to the whole body, beauty enthusiasts have gushed over the efficiency of vitamin k which has helped as a prominent anti-wrinkle formula. Incorporate fruits and vegetables which are rich in these vitamins and make them a part of your daily routine.

Outside the Kitchen, some factors which can help in decreasing dark circles are:

Get Some Sleep

There are so many factors which result in the formation of dark circles under our eyes. One major factor is lack of sleep. Stress, lifestyle changes, late hours at the office, prolonged screen time can all lead to disturbance in our sleep cycle which in turn causes dark circles to form in our under eye. Getting an adequate amount of sleep every day is crucial for our body as it needs to relax and unwind.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

For some people, the sun can worsen the quality of our skin, giving it a bumpy texture and other issues such as dark circles. Dermatologists emphasis on the timely application of a strong sunscreen with a good SPF so that dark circles can be reduced. After all, prevention is better than a cure!

Take Derma Help

Besides incorporating home remedies to reduce dark circles, it is also advised to take derma help to get rid of them altogether. Using eye creams which contain retinoid can prove to be beneficial. Retinoid contains vitamin A, which can decrease the melanin content in the eye area. However, before applying any eye cream which contains retinoid, it is best to consult a healthcare professional.

Conceal with Makeup

Makeup brands today are high end and built with technology that is brilliant with covering discoloration in an effective manner. Though they may not lessen dark circles, but they can cover the area well. Simply visit any cosmetic brand outlet at the mall, get a swatch test and find a concealer that best suits your skin tone.

Although most suggested methods and techniques are safe and require zero to minimal supervision and guidance, it is advised to take medical counsel regarding the above mentioned methods. Even for home remedies, skin specialists’ emphasis to do a swatch test first before following any home remedy as all natural ingredients can cause our natural ph levels to imbalance. Secondly the eye is an extremely sensitive area and any remedy should follow with caution and care. That’s why it is best recommended to seek professional help in this regard.