As the name suggests, fat burners are substances that burn fat in our body. They intend to do this by increasing fat oxidation during exercise, which leads to weight loss. Thus, heading towards accelerating fat metabolism, which further leads to a reduction in fat absorption hence resulting in fat burn. Fat burners mostly come in the form of capsules and may include ingredients such as chromium, Yohimbe, glucomannan, raspberry ketones, caffeine,

L-carnitine, green tea, conjugated linoleic acid, and forskolin.

The Real Reason Why Fat Burners Claim to Work

Though, fat burners claim to be an effective solution for weight loss; however, they work far more efficiently when a person supplements it with daily exercise, healthy nutritional habits, and wholesome life choices. It is indeed a misconception to even suggest that taking these supplements alone will instantly make one lose weight. If that were the case, then no one would ever worry about being overweight! These supplements will help you to control your diet in a better manner, increase metabolism, and convert all that fat into energy. But repeating the above-stated fact, consuming these fat burning supplements alone will not help. Losing that extra flab of fat begins by introducing a calorie-restricted diet first!

The Hidden Danger Behind Fat Burners

Fat burners do have pitfalls like most over-the-counter medicines have, which proclaim to achieve results in no time. Before they hit the market, fat burners do not require the customary regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Administration. Hence, the responsibility of being safe and effective for the consumer, ultimately lands on the manufacturer, which is indeed a risky affair. For this reason, many times fat burners from various manufacturers have had to be removed from the market because they contained harmful ingredients, which have caused side effects. Hence, always research the fat burner that you are about to pick.

Schedule Your Fat Burner Supplement

Fat burners are recommended to be used twice a day; once an early morning, preferably before you have your breakfast i.e. on an empty stomach and at least 35 minutes before your breakfast. The other time suggested is before the start of your workout. So whether you work out early morning or during lunch break in the afternoon or at your workplace in the evening, before beginning your exercise, you must eat your fat burning capsules. Taking your fat burning supplement before your workout will give you that instant rush of energy that will be needed for a challenging exercise session. This will lead to burning all those extra calories off your waist and wherever you require.

Side Effects of Fat Burners – Do They Exist?

All these supplements that claim to quicken natural processes whether it’s increasing your height or burning that fat, do have side effects that need to be addressed in detail. If not treated properly, they can have serious repercussions on a person’s health. Some side effects that arise due to the usage of these fat burners are as follows:

Increased Blood Pressure Leads to High Levels of Anxiety

Consumption of such supplements directly affects your blood pressure as your heart starts to pump blood faster than its normal rate. That’s why you feel that adrenaline rush. Anxiety is also another common side effect that is produced when you are consuming these capsules. Since such supplements are known to raise your stress hormones, your anxiety level gets seriously affected. This leads to multiple behavioral disorders, which might peak when you are taking such supplements.

This Further Leads to Related Behavioral Issues

Users of such fat burners have experienced drastic changes in their overall behavior. Behavioral issues that drastically come out include a constant display of irritability in social and private settings; constant feelings of nervousness and aggressiveness is aggravated when regularly consuming supplements like these. Mood swings have no stop and are on the rise more than ever.

Raised Brain Activity Further Leads To Changes in Sleep Patterns

These fat burners are also responsible for causing an increase in brain activity because of the various stimulants found in them. Once your sleep cycle gets affected, it can lead to greater issues as our brain and body requires rest and a break from all the activity that happens throughout the day.

Other Heightened Emotional Activity & Death

If your energy levels are always active, then probably your negative energy levels are also on the rise too, especially when you are under stress. Regular consumption of fat burners can lead to stomach problems such as irregular bowel movements, constipation, or even diarrhea. Such supplements if not taken as directed on the bottle can even become a strong reason for death. Hence, these must only be taken through a prescription and never purchased over the counter.

All Around Us – Natural Fat Burners 

Nature has been very kind to us as an organic fat burners are found all around us in abundance. Soluble fiber found in fiber-rich foods such as bananas are a natural fat burner. Green tea is also another natural fat burner which instantly cuts fat. Accompany your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a cup of green tea in a day. Another natural fat burner worth mentioning is caffeine, which instantly boosts your metabolism and burns fat as energy.

On the whole, if fat burners have worked out for you, then that’s great! But if their start has made you experience any of the aforementioned side effect(s), then instantly put a stop to them!

Instead, you should promptly visit a healthcare professional and try to fix the damage done if there’s any. On the other hand, put a stop to the belief that weight loss is an instant fix to all problems and a path towards social acceptance. We try using these quick fixes thinking they are the long-term solution to our problems. Which they are not. Instead these further result in creating more problems for us, health and otherwise.

For long-term weight loss, follow a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, meditate and follow a nutritious diet and you will never have to worry about falling for these quick-fix traps!


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