As the air gets more humid day by day, it becomes even more difficult to manage your hair and keep it smooth and straight especially if you have naturally wavy hair. While shampoo is generally used for cleansing purposes, there are straightening shampoos that can help smooth your hair and provide benefits along the way.

As compared to the usual shampoo formula, hair-straightening shampoos have a higher concentration of ingredients such as silicone, polymers and other conditioning agents that remain on your hair even after you have rinsed them with water. These ingredients help to weigh your hair and keep it down hence holding it back from its natural tendency to curl and become frizzy when the air is humid. While it wont provide the same affect as using a straightener or getting a straightening treatment, there are many benefits that may appeal to you and help you keep your hair in check.

These shampoos also help in preparing hair for harsh methods such as using a blow dryer or a flat iron to straighten your hair that can damage your hair if you do them without any sort of preparation. When your hair is smooth, it is easier to straighten it and does not look frizzy. Silicone in these shampoos also protect your hair against the harsh affect and hair damage from heat styling tools.

You must be careful when looking for shampoo to make your hair straight. Look out for shampoos that include ingredients such as guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride and quaternium 80. These play a key role in effective straightening and conditioning of hair.

While there is no rinse-off hair product that can compare to the effects of using a flat iron or blow drying your hair, if you need a simple solution to smooth and manage hair that is a little curly or wavy, or simply want to prepare and protect your hair before using styling tools, then shampoos that make your hair straight are the go to. While many people opt for blow drying or flat ironing their hair as a method to achieve straight hair without going for any sort of chemical treatment, these tools can only keep your hair straight for a short period of time. There are methods such as chemical relaxing and Japanese hair straightening which permanently straighten the hair, keeping it straight and sleek. Keratin hair treatment is popular because it uses less chemicals and semi-permanently straightens hair and its effect wears off in around six months.

It might come as a surprise, but finding a good shampoo to straighten your hair is not that difficult. Instead of adding weight, these shampoos are designed to give volume to your hair which makes them shinier while also keeping them healthy. There is a wide range of shampoos to choose from and while many of them claim to have unrealistic straightening effects on they hair, it is important to make sure you know the limitations of what such shampoos can actually do for you and what they cannot.

Rinse out products have their limitations. The first and foremost query that you may have is whether such shampoos are able to make your hair straight. The answer is no, they cannot completely straighten your hair. If you want to properly straighten your curls then you will still have to use a flat iron. Hair straightening shampoos are no replacements for heat-based styling tools and cannot achieve the same effect. They also do not have the same effect as a chemical treatment.

However, do not be discouraged, there are still many positive effects that you can expect from using a shampoo that makes your hair straight. When you use such shampoos, your hair will be less prone to frizz and the curls or waves will be smoother and more sleek. Your hair will not be as tangled as usual which will make it easier to brush or comb it. It prepares your hair for styling tools and thus it will take less time to use the styling tool. You will also not have to use too much heat on your hair which protects it from heat damage. The shampoo will also cause your hair to remain straight for a longer time.

The purpose of hair straightening shampoos is to aid in the heat styling tools process and it makes it easier for you to manage and maintain the way you have styled your hair when you straighten it. If you wish to use such shampoos and have chemically treated hair, then it is best to refer to your stylist and ensure that the brand you choose does not have any sodium chloride or sulfates in their shampoo.

Straightening shampoos are different in composition from regular shampoos as they are rich in conditioning agents such as silicone and polymers that attach themselves to your hair. These ingredients stick to your hair and help the hair to resists its natural tendency to become frizzy and curly. However, these shampoos are used in the same way as regular shampoos. You can even distribute the product through your hair by the help of a wide tooth comb. Such shampoos are best used with a hair straightening conditioner and you can also follow it up with a leave-in conditioner and end it with a smoothing serum.

It is important to make sure that you not only use these shampoos while washing your hair, but also incorporate them to accommodate whatever styling tools you use and consult with your salon expert as well.


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