If you want to lose weight and tone your glutes, it is quite obvious that you have to have a healthy and balanced diet. But you also have to do special exercises to work this area of the body. The stairmaster is a wonderful tool for toning legs and glutes. Here, we reveal to you what its benefits are and how to use it in the best way to get the most out of it.

The Benefits Of Using Stairmaster

The stairmaster is ideal for cardio. It fuses localized fat and helps to fight against the presence of cellulite as well. It is also quite playful and easy to use.

How Does It Work?

The more intense the rhythm, the more energy the body will generate using the stored fats. In this way, the fat cells that cause cellulite affecting the legs and buttocks are diminished.

The stairmaster then reproduces the movement of going up and down the stairs. To avoid injury, keep your back straight, hold your abdomen and look forward, and never let your cervical collapse.

How Do You Do A Good Stairmaster Session?

The duration of a stairmaster session depends on your goals, but also on your age and physical condition. In general, to slim down, it is of at least 30 minutes which recommended by the experts. You can also start with a session of 15 minutes and increase progressively, so as not to burn you and not demotivate you.

On the other hand, it is advisable to do 3 cardio sessions per week of stairmaster. An example could be as Monday, Wednesday and Friday and take a rest on the weekend.

If your goal is to lose weight, the stairmaster is an option, but you have to increase the duration of the session. When you feel good with 30 minutes, go for 45, so it remains effective. You are supposed to keep a moderate pace, so that you can conclude the session, and get music, so that you do not get bored and keep yourself motivated.

Another possibility is a fractional training to accelerate fat loss. You can integrate this type of training from time to time. For example, 5 minutes at a higher speed and another 5 at the usual pace.

It is a perfect machine to be a part of your fitness routine.


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