The reports of Cruise Ship illnesses have become more numerous in recent years, likely due to more trips being taken but you don't have to be one of those locked in their rooms, trying not to be infected. This article about cruise ship prevention will keep you healthy while on your cruise.

How to stay healthy on a Cruise

*Be aware of what you touch.

This means if a lot of other people used it, light light switches and handles, then chances are good there could be a virus on it. Avoid touching it with your bare hands. Use your sleeve, gloves, or immediately wash your hands. Do not touch your mouth or face. Germs have to find a way into your body, just getting on you is not enough.

*Don't make it easy for the germs by forgetting to wash up. Especially after using these items:

Phones, gym equipment

booths and public chairs and tables

bed frames


Door knobs and handles

*Use sanitizer to stay healthy on a cruise.

The instant you arrive, place your luggage on the bed and get out your sanitizing wipes. Go over the entire room, as if spring cleaning at home. Here are some things to be sure you don't miss:

Remote controls, bed frames and headboards, phones, end tables, lamp switches,knobs and handles,and don't forget the coat hangers. This is an often overlooked item by both staff and guests but nearly everyone uses them.

To prevent illness on a cruise ship, repeat this process every time someone or thing comes into your room, especially after having meals delivered and your room cleaned. These friendly cruise ship staff members have been in contact with more of the guests than anyone else. If the man in 7A has the flu, the cart your food is on now contains the germs that were in the air in his room. Wipe down as much of it as you can, including the outsides of dishes and silverware.

Common sense is the best way to prevent illness on a cruse ship. Pay attention and avoid not only the sick, but also those coughing and the items they were next to. A sneeze travels at over 100 MPH, spraying germs like a balloon popping. Stay back.

You should also try to keep out of large crowds and shun food that has been picked over by the other passengers but using the main tips above are usually enough.


Never go on a Cruise without all the proper vaccinations.


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