Why do we all love to try stuff that are bad for us? A little of a bad thing won't hurt, you hear many people say this. Perhaps, there's more truth to this statement than what you can only conceive in your mind. Satisfying your cravings can be a healthier alternative than starving yourself to death, if you know how to take bite-size portions and put your control under check. You can also lose weight in the process.

Many experts believe that eating smaller portions of food than feasting on three giant meals a day can boost your body's performance levels as well. You will also put less stress in your guts, helping your digestive system work its best. So, what's the trick behind eating smaller portions of the foods you love?

How to Eat Healthy, Smaller Portions

  1.  Downsize

If you love to serve super-sized stuff, now is the time to down size and eat a smaller amount of the foods you love to eat. Why have a cupcake the size of your palm when you can have a thumb-size?

  1.  Use Smaller Plates

Sometimes, we tend to put more in a big plate unconsciously. By using smaller plates, you trick your mind into believing that you are eating more. Try choosing plate designs that you like so that eating can be a pleasurable experience as well.

  1.  Get a Substitute

Switch your high calorie foods to low-calorie alternatives. Why eat ice cream when you can have a yummy sorbet? It's all about healthy choices that matters most.

  1.  Hydrate

Drink a glass of water with each meal you eat to help you feel full – for less. Your body needs to get hydrated by the way, as it can help you flush all those toxins from within.

  1.  Make Room

Yes, make room for more fruits and vegetables to help you eat healthy while helping you stay fit and lean.

  1.  Know Thy Trigger

You must know yourself well and watch out for those that triggers you to eat unnecessarily. Are you an emotional eater? The next time you're in the blues, try doing a favorite hobby instead of gorging a meal fit for a king or two.

The lesson here is to learn how to eat a proper diet. You don't have to totally quit on eating the food you love. Your fave chocolate chip cookie can be great for you once in a while. If you really can't stop your cravings, you may always try a healthier alternative than taking diet pills and other drastic measures. Learn what's healthy and what's not. Before you take another bite, ask yourself this: Are You Really that Hungry?


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