Weight gain or overall fat loss is a recurring issue with both men and women as they enter the later stage of their life. Since women are more easily affected by bodily changes, as they also go through massive body changes, like pregnancy, their mental and emotional well-being needs to integrate exercise in their daily routine.

Though the body heals and naturally loses that extra weight put on during pregnancy, but sometimes the body retains fat in areas most susceptible to fat gains, such as thighs and hips. There are numerous reasons for fat gain especially in the thighs and hip areas, such as physical inactivity, hormonal imbalance, or genetic inclination towards fat gain. Fitness enthusiasts recommend incorporating a healthy home exercise routine in your daily schedule to tone your body in no time!

Do your research thoroughly 

Before you begin your home exercise routine, it is best to listen to various personal trainers and fitness experts for advice on the latest trends in health and fitness if you feel some serious pain in your knee or hip during the exercise so please use a manual wheelchair and consult your physician ASAP. Since body fat is not that simple to lose, fitness experts no longer advise to spot-train. Personal trainers now advise health buffs to incorporate a routine that involves your entire body; instead of specifically targeting your thighs and hips.

Focus on Your Core Strength

Design your exercise routine with a central focus on the core. When you strengthen your core, it will give more muscle tolerance so you aren’t vexed if weight loss is slow. Building core strength also helps in improving your overall posture and enhances your mobility, since these are also important besides weight loss as after a point, the body does require some sort of conscious physical training to keep its condition up and running.

Mix up HIIT with yoga

Losing fat on your thighs and hips is no easy feat but you can pull this off in no time if you mesh various exercise routines together. To efficiently lose weight, your exercise patterns must be a mix between the hardcore and the soft. Add in the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with some gentle yoga and you have a winning combination. Since high-intensity training pushes the limits of your body’s tolerance with heart rate burning up fat at faster rates it is best to indulge in some neutral poses from gentle yoga so that the aggressiveness of one exercise routine is balanced with another.

Here’s how you amp up your cardio routine:

Below are some tips for your cardio routine

Squat here and squat over there

One popular exercise routine that should be a part of your daily grind is squats. This exercise will help in building thighs and hips and aims to develop your core. It is also vital to tone the important parts of your body and improve overall physique. When squats are paired with dumbbells, it helps to develop muscles yet aid in cutting down your fat. Since there are many types of squats, wall squats better known as wall sits are great for regular workouts and majorly help in reducing thighs and hips and toning your body overall.

Add Lunges to your daily grind

Lunge postures stabilize your core strength and do great work on your abdominal muscles. Medically, lunges are beneficial for your lower back as a strengthened core improves overall balance. This exercise routine targets your muscles, especially your thighs. Effect lunge routines also boost your metabolic rate, thus speeding up your fat loss. When paired with yoga and meditation, they also help in making your body more flexible and relaxing your spinal cord in the process.

Give Bridge exercises a shot

Bridge exercises can be done regularly as it activates your glutes and your hamstrings and help in effectively controlling weight. The bridge stretches you from your neck to your spine and your hips. It improves overall blood circulation and if you are a runner, it will help in improving your performance by improving your agility. Bridge exercises are great for improving your knee pain and instantly reduce your anxiety.

Also, don’t forget: 

While a home exercise routine is a great way to reduce thighs and hips, exercise alone isn’t enough. It must be accompanied by religiously following a healthy lifestyle which contains a decent amount of rest and a wholesome nutritious diet.

Get appropriate rest in-between your exercise routine

To tweak your thighs and hips to look curvy and sculpted, get some appropriate rest in between your exercise sessions. Resting allows your muscles to recover from daily wear and tear. Often cutting out your sleeping hours also becomes another strong reason for excess fat in these two particular areas, which are more prone to fat gain.

Take care of your hydration level 

Keep yourself hydrated before and after your workout. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses in a day to keep your fluids normal. Since carbonated drinks have heaps of sugar, avoid these at all costs, if you aim to lose weight in the thighs and the hips. You can also consume water by eating fruits, which contain maximum water such as melons and oranges. Drinking water first thing in the morning, before lunch, and before dinner are also some ways to lose that stubborn fat as water tricks your stomach into thinking that you are full. So you end up eating less.

Have an overall healthy diet and look for nutritious snacking options

Snack on fruits and nuts throughout the day. Studies suggest that you should eat before you begin your workout. Hence, an apple or a banana or drink a glass of milk would be an ideal thing to eat. Add proteins to your diet and cut out carbs. Follow diets that call out for low-carb or a low-calorie count as you cannot just suddenly starve your body. Since carbs convert into glucose which is required for energy, keep a disciplined approach towards your diet.

Weight loss takes time and patience. Be meticulous and firm in your approach and you will soon see positive results for which you have been working so hard!


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