Some drugs are on the list of drugs that cause the development of true gynecomastia, so the first step in reducing the male breasts is to switch drugs.

Soy products have been found to possess a certain tendency to generate true gynecomastia. Removing the foods containing soy is a way to end gynecomastia or reduce it considerably. Soy is sour in phytoestrogens which are natural compounds similar to the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, soy and/or phytoestrogen rich foods are believed to contribute to the development of true gynecomastia.

Alcohol is on the list of foods and beverages that could lead to true gynecomastia. This beverage is known to reduce testosterone levels in men, while increasing the estrogen levels. Therefore, decreasing alcohol intake is an alternative to eliminate true gynecomastia. Similarly, alcohol has a significant amount of calories, so eliminating its consumption would help eliminate the possible pseudoginecomastia as well.

Processed food or also known as ‘junk food’ is also targeted to help generate true gynecomastia. Eliminating it on the one hand will help lower the amount of synthetic hormones and additives you add daily to your body, on the other hand, it will also help you to have a healthier body.

Another natural tip for eliminating true gynecomastia is to reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products. The food industry has as usual practice to maximize the benefits of incorporating hormones into animals and/or processed products. It is better to be changed by organic products and animals naturally fed in healthy orchards.

One tip that will help you reduce the factors that lead to true gynecomastia is to research on consumer products that have appreciable levels of phytoestrogens. For example, carrot, cucumber and eggs are foods that possess significant amounts of phytoestrogens. At the same time, you can also incorporate into your daily diet foods that inhibit the production of estrogens. For example, broccoli, cabbage, white rice, onion, pineapple and citrus foods.

The men who are suffering from true gynecomastia, cardiovascular and weight training are also effective. Exercise can be a way to raise testosterone naturally and this will be beneficial to contribute to the hormonal balance.

  • Are you worried because you have gynecomastia?
  • Was gynecomastia diagnosed by the specialist or is it a personal idea for the reason that you have breasts?

Well, it is very important to be completely sure that you have true gynecomastia and no pseudogynecomastia because the causes as well as treatments of each of these pathologies are completely different.

Often, many patients who have male breasts confuse their diagnosis. A pseudoginecomastia is, in principle, much easier to treat than the true gynecomastia.

Pseudogynecomastia can be observed in most obese or overweight men. Fundamentally, it is fat, the adipose tissue, which accumulates in the men’s breasts, resulting in a much more prominent appearance of the breasts.

The true gynecomastia is a product of several factors, but they all involve a hormonal disorder and the growth of the glandular tissue of the men’s breast.

Beyond the exact causes of either of these two pathologies, if what you are looking for is a natural way to eliminate the male breasts, here I will present a few tips and tricks that can help you to get rid of the man boobs. Some of these tips to reduce pseudoginecomastia will also serve to reduce true gynecomastia.

Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Pseudoginecomastia

Because pseudogynecomastia is linked to overweight and obesity, the treatment suggestions will aim to eliminate the excess fat.

  • Frequent cardiovascular exercise will help you remove excess fat that builds up in unwanted areas such as breasts. At first, it is a good idea to start with brief a sessions of 20 to 30 minutes, no more than 3 times a week. As the days pass, minutes and days must be increased for better results.
  • Decreasing the total body fat amount of the body can be achieved through a healthy diet and performing physical activities. This will positively affect your men breasts making them decrease in volume. You are supposed to eat more vegetables, whole grains, lean protein like chicken, fish and legumes. You are supposed to eat less meat and dairy products.
  • At the same time as cardiovascular exercise, you should add a little regular exercise with weights. But exercise with weight should not be focused on the chest region for the reason that this could make the breasts more visible. The most effective way to work with weight is putting all the muscles of the body to work and not just the chest.

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