Getting professional help for quitting drug addiction is necessary because addiction to drugs causes severe problems. In addition, it is a situation that affects people of different ages: both young and old. Likewise, these are addictive processes that are very difficult to get by without professional help.

The need for help with drug addiction arises due to the problems of the consumption of various substances. Some fairly common drugs today include marijuana, heroin, crack, and amphetamine. In addition, the use of inhalants or even certain types of steroids is also common. People who are victims often have consequences on their health, psychological impact, and alteration of their life in general. Added to this are legal problems since they are considered illegal, i.e., by buying and owning them, you actually commit a crime. Because of having issues with multiple aspects of life, many patients need to undergo a dual diagnosis program to address all issues.

It also happens that addicts spend a lot of time abusing this substance and neglect their family and work life. In the case of young people, they tend to drop out of school and have long-term health problems.

Since drugs cause strong intoxication in the body, these substances gradually take center stage in the metabolic processes. The body gets used to having them, and they alter many health functions. For this reason, the first step in helping drug addiction is the detoxification of the addicted person.

At Reconnect Trauma Treatment Center, they take care of the correct detoxification of patients. Detox is a gradual process since, if drug use is radically eliminated, the withdrawal syndrome is reduced. Withdrawal Syndrome is the body’s reaction when substances that affect the nervous system are suddenly removed from it. When this happens, there are negative sensations in the body. This is why drug addicts experience many uncomfortable sensations when they suddenly stop using these substances.

Symptoms of Withdrawal Syndrome in Drug Addiction

A good part of Reconnect Trauma Treatment Center is helping with drug addiction that consists of a treatment that avoids suffering from this syndrome. Some of the most typical symptoms of this withdrawal phase are the following:

  • Feeling of nervousness, anxiety, and desire to use drugs again.
  • A slump in mood occurs. Drugs increase feelings of euphoria and happiness. These artificial feelings disappear, leaving room for a gradual depression.
  • Headaches and eye discomfort
  • Chills, low blood pressure, and an easily irritable mood
  • Insomnia caused by anxiety

These symptoms make the addict relapse into drug use again. Therefore, proper treatment is needed. In addition, it is required to monitor the person who wants to get out of the addictive problem.

The help at Reconnect Trauma Treatment Center for drug addiction will be great to you. First of all, they strive to detoxify the body. The idea is to remove any trace of drugs from the dualism riot and then help you get through the withdrawal phase. In this way, the addiction rehab treatment is complete and comprehensive.


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