Swedish Bitter Herbs, also know as Swedish Bitters, have been used for their health benefits for the past five centuries. This herbal remedy is available as a liquid and has internal and external applications. Swedish Bitter Herbs is recommended for a wide range of problems such as poor digestion, pain, burns, sleep disorders and other health conditions.

The health benefits of Swedish Bitter Herbs have not been proven scientifically. Still, personal anecdotes and testimonies make them a popular remedy for many people with different ailments.

The Swiss physicist, Dr. Phillipus Paracelsus, created the first Swedish Bitter Herbs recipe in the 16th century. The remedy was not widely dispersed until it was given to Dr. Clause Samst by one of his relatives. He began producing Swedish Bitter herbs in the 18th century, and documented all of the health benefits in his manuscript.

Herbalist Maria Treben, from Austria, made Swedish Bitters a popular in the 20th century. Her book, Healing Through God’s Pharmacy, details the pain relief and health benefits she discovered by taking Swedish Bitters. Her personal experience with the remedy led her to campaign its usefulness, and many Swedish Bitters have her name.

The health benefits of Swedish Bitters come from blending different herbs together that help a variety of conditions. The remedy can be purchased, but some people choose to make their own. The main herbs used to make Swedish Bitters are Aloe, Myrrh, Saffron, Senna, Camphor, Rhubarb root, Zedoary, Manna, Theriac Venezian, Carline, Thistle Root and Angelica Root

Swedish Bitters Herbs benefit a variety of health problems. Dr. Samst listed it as a cure for 42 different diseases centuries ago. There is a unique application for every ailment.

Common external use, for problems such as eczema or scar tissue, requires applying the Bitters directly to the area affected. The liquid can stain clothing so it is best to remain still until it dries. It is also possible to soak cotton or another soft material in the bitters and apply a compress to a specific area.

There are different instructions for taking Swedish Bitters internally, depending on the purpose. For general health benefits, take one tablespoon diluted in water twice daily. It is possible to take up to three tablespoons diluted in water two times a day. Purchased Swedish Bitters should have dosing instructions on the label. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


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