For quite some time, red wine has often been associated with contributing health benefits such as lowering the risk of heart attacks. Now, however, studies have concluded there are many health benefits of liquor as well.

While red wine's health benefits center around phenols acting as antioxidants, studies are showing that alcohol alone can produce healthy benefits with moderate drinking. According to a British investigation, twelve thousand doctors ranging in age from 48 to 78, where studied to observe their drinking habits. This study showed the mortality rate was significantly lower of the ones that consumed anywhere from sixteen to twenty-four grams of alcohol each day. There was a higher mortality rate of those who did not drink a couple of drink per day. Consequently, the heavy drinkers had a much higher rate of death than both.

In a further study, another such health benefit of liquor can minimize the onset of coronary heart disease. Men and women, all from different backgrounds and locations around the world, participated in this research. Those who drank a reasonable amount of alcohol on a daily basis reduced their risk of coronary heart disease from 30-50%. Additionally, consuming a moderate amount of alcohol will help in the increase of your good cholesterol, HDL, while also preventing the formation of blood clots and reduce atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of arteries. The prospect of gallstones can also be less probable, as well as the prevention of an onset of Type 2 Diabetes with moderate drinking of alcohol, according to other research provided by the Nurses' Health Study.

It is also important to know the amount that classifies as moderate consumption. When drinking liquor or spirits, most reports suggest that one drink per day for women and one or two for men is the recommended allowance to see the health benefits of liquor.

Over indulgence of anything is generally not a good idea for your health. However, the utilization of proper amounts can help you receive excellent health benefits of liquor.


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