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Looking for little ways to help get healthy sleep? It’s not difficult or time-consuming. You can find many simple ways to improve your sleep without the need for pills, potions, or therapy. Here are just 4 painless, easy-to-do lifestyle changes you can practice every day that’ll get you on the fast track to improving your quality of sleep.

– Healthy Sleep Change #1: Stay Away From Late Night Snacking –

Have you ever heard that rumbling noise in your stomach late at night while watching a talk show? More than likely, that’s not real hunger; it’s your imagination trying to compensate for your boredom. Many times when you think you’re hungry you’re really just looking for something to do… especially late at night.

Eating and lying down right away makes it harder for your body to digest food. You can even get heartburn or acid reflux after eating a late night snack. So to prevent your insides from keeping you awake tonight, eat an earlier snack or just wait until the morning for breakfast. You’ll have healthy sleep and happy dreams.

– Healthy Sleep Change #2: Stay Away from the Sugar Fix –

Just say no to sugar right before bedtime! It can mess with your healthy sleep in a couple of ways. First, you’ll be so hyper and find it hard to even fall asleep. Second, you can get vivid dreams and nightmares that’ll make you wake up in the middle of the night in a sweaty panic. Hold off on the sugar until the next day so you’ll have enough time to burn it off (and keep the bad dreams at bay).

– Healthy Sleep Change #3: Stay Away from the Greasy Good Stuff at Dinner –

You probably know that feeling of having your insides feel like they’re clogged with after a greasy meal. And you’ve probably tried going to sleep with that feeling, only to find yourself tossing and turning all night instead of getting any healthy sleep. Do yourself a favor and skip the high-cholesterol, artery-clogging late night dinner so you’ll happily drift off into dreamland.

– Healthy Sleep Change #4: Eat a Small, Early Dinner –

You eat a big meal and experience that sluggish, sleepy feeling afterwards. Then you think you need something to increase your energy, so you reach for the sugar or caffeine. And right around bedtime, you find yourself wanting a little snack.

Eating a small dinner before bedtime can help give you healthy sleep in numerous ways. You won’t overeat, your body will digest the food easier, you won’t feel the need to exercise late at night just to try and burn it off, and you’ll prevent any problems creeping in during your sleep time.

It also helps if you eat your dinner early. The sooner you eat, the sooner you can snack. You’ll have enough time left in the day to digest your snack as well, before going to bed. Early dinners also have the extra benefit of helping you burn off more calories, too!

If you want to improve, you can’t just keep doing what you’re doing and expect your situation to get better. Making these small lifestyle changes, you’ll notice the increased amount of healthy sleep you get and you’ll be a happier, more energetic person to be around.
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