This Independence Day get independent from all the excuses you make. Give your fitness a happy and independent journey from all the silly excuses you find for not going to workout. This Independence day get rid of all the fitness barriers by making health, fitness and exercise a first priority. Here are some tips you can follow and get independent from all the fitness worries.

I don’t have enough time to exercise:

Setting a particular time to exercise is challenging.  Be a little creative and get the most out of your time. If you don’t have time for a full workout. Do some exercise which can be done in a shorter time, such as walking for just 10 minutes offers benefits.

I think exercise in boring:

It’s natural to get this thought that exercise is boring especially when you’re doing it alone. But exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Choose your favourite exercises which you enjoy so you will be more interested. Try a variety of routines such as swimming, walking and cycling. And exercise with friends so they can keep you motivated all the time.

I am too tired to exercise after work:

No energy to exercise? Without exercise you will have no energy. Physical activity is the best gift you can give yourself and get fit. Get up 30 minutes earlier and try going for a jog or bicycle ride by which you can be healthy and won’t have to worry about working out after work gives us the time and stay fit.

I am to lazy to exercise:

You have many reasons for not going for a workout. But when you set a realistic goal and focus on achieving it then you wont find any silly reasons to take your workout as granted. You will start planning what to do, what to do which will keep you on the track and you won’t be feeling lazy anymore.

Don’t get down on yourself:

Always remind yourself what a great favour you are doing to your health. And also focus how much stronger you feel after a workout. If you feel uncomfortable working out in a crowd go solo or go when there is less crowd. Praise yourself for making a commitment to your health and remember that you become more fitter and stronger.

There are so many people who will face such barriers in their fitness journey. But now it’s time for getting independent from all those barriers. Here is an idea of how I overcame from such issues. I hired a  personal trainer so he was always motivating me and also helped me you to face such barriers in my fitness journey and kept me motivated. Even if you are looking for a personal Trainer then you must go for FitsApp. I really had an amazing experience with them. The trainers are really supportive and experienced.


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