Restless leg syndrome, also known as RLS, is one of the most maddening afflictions on the planet. The sensations that accompany this syndrome cause the sufferer to miss sleep and stay up all hours of the night trying to find solutions to make them go away. This lack of sleep causes stress and a lower quality of life if it is not treated and dealt with. Therefore, many people with RLS take medicines that help to control the symptoms. For those that do not want to take medicine, easing RLS naturally is the way to go. Here are five great ways to cope with restless leg symptoms without medicine:

Get on a schedule at bedtime

When you regulate your system and body to go to bed and wake up at the correct time every single day, you are much less likely to experience restless leg symptoms. The regimented schedule will be too tough to do at first, but will become easier as time goes on. Even if you are unable to fall asleep right away, hit the pillow at the same time every day and get up at the same time as well.

Cut out the caffeine…completely

Caffeine is a proven stimulant that will increase restless leg symptoms in the vast majority of people with the problem. This means it is an easy and logical target to eliminate. Many people "cut down" on caffeine thinking that this will help the symptoms but that is not effective. Caffeine hangs around in the body for many hours after consumption. Eliminate it from your life completely for maximum effectiveness.

Look into iron supplements

Vitamins are a great way treat the problem for those that are short on iron. Talk with your doctor to see if a lack of iron is causing some of your symptoms. As we age it becomes a common problem. If you are low, see about getting on supplements.

Get rid of the distractions

Television, computers and other stimulants can be a great diversion if you are trying to get sleepy, but they are horrible when they are in the bedroom. It seems that putting them in the bedroom has an opposite effect. The bedroom needs to be a sleep haven of sorts with no distractions. Get it the right temperature and keep the electronics in the living room or den.

Regularly take hot baths or cold showers before bed

Some folks prefer one over the other and both seem to be equally effective. If you want to fight through an episode of symptoms, few things work better than a quick bout of mild exercise coupled with a hot bath afterwards. This is a great way to ease things quickly when you simply must get rest.

Restless leg syndrome is not a problem that has to rule your life forever. There are plenty of ways to battle it without having to take yet another pill. Give these great solutions a shot and you might just be surprised at how well they work when done correctly and regularly.


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