Dark circles are one of the most common skin issues that almost everyone finds themself facing, especially with modern lifestyles and diets. Also known as peri-orbital hyper-pigmentation, dark circles affect both men and women alike, according to dermatologists and skin oil specialists.

Eye issues tend to be something people are sensitive and easily concerned about, and dark circles tend to be a particularly sore spot as they are one one of the primary signs of aging and exhaustion. Along with dark circles, people also inquired as to how to get rid of puffy eyes with the help of essential oils.

While people generally assume dark circles to be caused by lack of sleep, however this is not the case. Dark circles are caused by various things such as stress, allergies, toxin buildup, fatigue, lack of sleep, sun, all of which cause the blood capillaries around your eyes to stretch and rupture, which gives the impression of dark blemishes around eyes. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and delicate, more so than skin on the other parts of your body. This makes the veins more visible and dark circles become more noticeable. Other reasons for dark circles include nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy, sinus issues and hereditary reasons.

However if your eyes are dark due to your eye vessels being damaged or blood leaking then you must visit an optometrist immediately and get your eyes checked up. Do not be too worried as this issue can be solved easily but you must get your eyes examined early on because if you leave them be and the leakage continues, then you will suffer from permanent dark circles, which is something that nobody wants.

If your dark circles are caused by the normal reasons, one of the most popular remedies for them is using essential oils then that are known to be able to get rid of dark circles around eyes. However, one must remember to make sure to use a diluted solution of the oil to apply around your eyes since they are sensitive and essential oils tend to be very strong.

Nowadays people tend to prefer natural skincare and this is gradually generating buzz in the beauty and skincare community. People seek out natural eye treatments if they wish to bring back the natural brightness of the pigmented areas under their eyes and improve the vitality of their skin. Herbal and plant extracts have been used for while to protect the skin and increase and assist in the production of collagen, a protein that plays a key role in making the skin soft and glowy. Essential oils are the ideal item to add to your skincare regime and to achieve healthier looking eyes since they contain anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that cleanse the skin.

There is a wide range of essential oils that are beneficial for you and that are used by spas for facials and massages as well as eye treatments for clients that come seeking for help with dark circles and puffy eyes. Diluting your essential oil with another oil or adding other useful ingredients such as rose water, aloe gel or clay is necessary to prevent your eyes from getting damaged by the potency of the essential oil.

Types of Oils

There is a variety of beneficial essential oils that you can choose from, including:

  1. Aloe oil: Similarly to the gel, aloe vera oil is rich in nutrients that moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation. The relaxing properties of the oil are something that appeal to spa-goers as they are able to reduce and eliminate dilation of capillaries. Aloe is able to increase blood circulation, which reduces dark circles and puffy eyes. It is enriched with vitamins including Vitamin E, B12, A and C which ensure that your eyes will be healthier and getting what they need. Aloe vera oil is soothing and moisturizing and can be applied to the delicate skin under the eye without any hassles. If you get it applied professionally, they will mix the oil with a carrier oil which will increase its health value. Aloe vera oil is able to lighten skin as well and contains antioxidants which are important to keep your skin healthy.
  2. Argan Oil: Native to Morocco, argan oil is something that has been included in necessary skin and hair treatments for a long time. They comprise of a wide range of antioxidants and fatty acids that aid in revitalizing skin particularly in the area around your eyes. Applying a few drops of argan oil after a massage with rose water will make your skin feel moisturized and fresh.
  3. Avocado Oil: Avocado oil contains many vitamins and is enriched with fatty acids that will lighten dark circles. Avocado also contains vitamin K that has skin lightening properties and will make your skin more elastic and resilient. It is best combined with almond oil to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles by stopping leakage from capillaries.
  4. Chamomile Oil: Chamomile is a healing substance. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid with alleviating puffiness from eyes. This essential oil is rich with antioxidants that speed up cell regeneration and minimize pores. The most suitable carrier oils are jasmine, lemon and lavender.
  5. Lemon Oil: This oil is lightening and moisturizing which makes it the ideal oil to use for treating dark circles. It has a high vitamin quantity such as vitamin B and C as well as nutrients such as magnesium and phosphorus which lighten skin and restore cells as well as nourishing the skin around your eyes.

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