Doing office yoga is beneficial for your health and productivity at work. Sitting down all day at work is not healthy; it causes blood circulation problems and is not good for your skeletal structure. It is not healthy sitting down all day as you don’t get much blood circulation in your lower legs, and also it can cause blood clotting.

Sitting for long periods of time at work can also cause piriformis muscle syndrome, which causes sciatica. You can get neck, shoulder and joint pains from sitting down all day at the office. Sitting all day at work doesn’t help productivity, as employees feel neck or back pain from sitting all day, and therefore take days off to recover from this. Being absent doesn’t help your productivity at work either.

If you have a look around your office you will find a lot of people who are sitting with poor posture, with their back hunched and their head forward as well. This posture does not do your body any good, as you end up being over stretched and with weak back muscles by leaning forward.

Spinal problems were not common a few decades ago, as children used to be more physically active. Today children would come home from school and would go to the computer to do their homework. They are always in front of the computer and do not get any outside physical activity away from the computer. Children today have an inactive lifestyle and when they start to working they take that with them and have poor posture along with bad diet, which they will not realize until they start feeling pain. Therefore it is a good idea to do some yoga exercises during the day when you are at work.

The best way to make sure you are making the right changes is to go see a yoga instructor so that you will be taught how to sit properly and have good posture when you are at work. This is will probably be the quickest and less expensive to do. The main concern is that you have a good posture when you are sitting down staring at your computer monitor all day. It is a cheaper option if you compare the cost of the instructor to the cost of the health insurance, being absent from work, and temporary disability. The advice of a yoga instructor will be cost effective solution for long term health problem whether it is for a large or small company.

This solution is the difference between businesses surviving and going out of business. There so many costs associated with businesses that they have to think outside the box in order to survive. The cost of labor is rising much higher than the hourly wage rate. Therefore it is up to the employers to find an inexpensive solution to their problems or they will suffer. Some companies who do see their employees as an asset are making the move into getting yoga in their office to make it a healthier place to work.


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