We all understand that we will need to use somebody else's toilet once and awhile. However did you know that millions of bacteria and germs linger there? How about it only takes on time of touching the surface to catch a cold or the flu? Doing a few things will visiting others will help you be safe and enjoy yourself. While we can't avoid using the bathroom at work, or while at a friends we can do a few key things to ensure our overall health & safety.

Below are some quick tips to keep you safe when using a public bathroom:

Tip 1] Carry disinfectant wipes- While many people try to avoid siting on the public toilet altogether for some it's not that simple. Since you never know when you will be in that situation it's best to carry some form of disinfectant wipe with you at all times. Disinfectant wipes kill many of the germs and bacteria that may linger any public toilet.

Tip 2] Bring your own paper towels or napkins with you- Though you maybe a thorough at washing your hands the person ahead of you may not have been. The truth is many people don't wash their hands long enough to kill the germs that have gathered on them.

The truth is you are suppose to wash your hands for a total of 30-60 seconds to kill the germs and bacteria. And after they've touched the public toilet seat are you sure you want to touch the paper towel?

Tip 3] Use the Toilet seat covers they provide- Many people think that the free toilet seat covers you find in a pubic restroom are simply there for decoration. Well the truth is it's probably your safest bet. Remembering to lay one on the public toilet you are using is very important. It keeps you from having direct contact with the seat and could save you from bacteria & germs building up there.

Tip 4] Lower the lid before flushing the toilet- Did you know that particles of toilet water can reach everything in range to 20 ft? That is amazing but it also means that your purse, clothes, shoes, and yes even you can get sprayed by the dirty water. It's always best to lower the lid first!

Tip 5] When turning on the hand dryer use your arm or elbow instead of your hand- why you ask? If you just washed your hands because you were in the public restroom, why would you touch the dryer afterward? Using your arm or elbow to hit the button will keep you from having direct contact with the germs that maybe there.


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