In the hot days of summer, we do not like to do much of our daily routine and try to skip many regular activities we perform and yoga is one of them. Here I will suggest you to do yoga pose which are easy to perform in the hot days of summer.

1 – Marjariasana (Cat Pose)

Start on all fours, with legs apart to the width of your hips. Hands should be directly over the shoulders, palms of hands steady on the floor. Keep your back straight, as if you did the form of a solid table. Inhale and open the chest, chin raised, shoulders away from the head, abdomen down and hips up. Feel this nice stretch.

Then exhale and do the opposite movement, arching your back, head in your arms dropped and take hip slightly forward. Repeat this pose five times. This position emulates the stretch of cats like many yoga postures that are inspired by the wisdom of nature. It gives us serenity, helping to take in more oxygen with chest and it promotes circulation, in addition to flex the spine.

2 – Shashankasana (The Hare pose)

You have to begin it sitting on your knees, spine straight but relaxed and hands on your thighs. This is the position of the hare and it is said to be a position that gives us a lot of inner balance and stability. Now you can breathe for ten seconds to take great advantage of this traditional yoga stance.

Inhale and raise your arms above your head and as you exhale, bend forward from the hips, keeping your buttocks rest against the heels, until the arms and forehead are flat on the floor. If you are in the previous posture, sit on your heels, using the stretch of what you wear. Now completely relax the back, shoulders, neck and arms.

Breathe in this position for a minute, feeling your belly pressed against your thighs. Close your eyes and relax. This position gives us concentration, supplies blood to the head, relieves fatigue and anxiety, massages the internal organs and helps us breathe better.

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Yoga tradition believes in dharma, laws of the universe, according to which we are attuned to its goodness and love. Dharma is also associated with the universal mission of each in the body we have and the life we are living to be an evolutionary path. Within the broad spectrum of missions is that of the performer, whose work moves, excites, generates catharsis, and promotes social transformation and evolution of collective and individual consciousness. The actors have a lot to teach us by their creativity, great sensitivity and versatility.

There are particular yoga postures for actors which are very beneficial for the specific needs of the actors. Some act on the nervous system, others strengthen the diaphragm and abdominal region, and some relax, allowing performers into other skins, overcome fears and be beyond the ego.

1 – Vrksasana

This position gives the qualities of a tree connected to the earth, but expanded skyward. Regular practice promotes psycho-spiritual being the internal stability and personal security characteristic of the first chakra, in addition to the concentration, emotional balance, mental clarity and ability to be open to life and flow with it. Physically, this pose improves posture and reduces pain, promotes balance, opens the chest and hips and stretches shoulders and thighs.

2 – Urdhya Hastasana

The position of the palm is expansive and empowers. Among its effects on minds and inner growth are releasing tensions, harmony where the wisdom of our being, inner peace, a sense of motivation and wellbeing are. It connects us with the physical world to attract abundance and goodness. It is a simple exercise that gives us opening and firmness at the same time. It gives a good stretch to the spine, improves digestive system and strengthens shoulders and arms. The turn to either side is important for good health of the spine and the lymphatic system.

3 – Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana benefits all of the physical body and is fantastic for mind and spirit as well. Among other benefits, the shoulder stand helps reduce stress and insomnia, gives inner harmony, promotes concentration, improves mood, and therefore helps treat depression and lethargy because it gives energy. It is the position that most directly stimulates the fifth chakra, the throat chakra that governs ability to express authentically and faculty of communication. It gives a new perspective to be reversed. On the physical level, it is said that it rejuvenates, keeps spine healthy and stimulates circulation and proper functioning of the endocrine system, making the body lighter.

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